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CopperBond Story

Handcrafted in Italy

Induction Copper

CopperBond introduces a line of copper cookware that can withstand the rigors of chef
usage without the maddening maintenance. A pure copper core delivers exceptional
conduction and control, while the stainless base and cooking surface back it up with
heavy-duty durability and induction compatibility. CopperBond does it all. And it does it in style.

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Home Chefs


Copper cookware looks stunning hanging from the kitchen rack. And in many homes, that’s exactly where it stays. CopperBond is designed and built to not only look beautiful, but cook beautifully. Its pure copper core gives you the exceptional heat conduction and control prized by professional chefs, meanwhile the high-grade 18/10 stainless steel cooking surface makes it easier to clean after you perfect that béchamel sauce. Reinforced drip-free rims ensure smooth pouring. And the wraparound magnetic steel base also means CopperBond delivers superior performance on induction cooktops – a non-starter for traditional copper.

Handcrafted in Italy, CopperBond is worthy of display. But keep it within easy reach, because it truly shines when it cooks.

Inspired by conversations with our chef partners, CopperBond was created to deliver that coveted copper conductivity with added durability and versatility – and the game-changing option to cook with copper on induction cooktops. Lowering ambient kitchen temperatures calls for a back-of-house celebration.

Meticulous 5-ply construction features a pure copper core protected by 18/10 stainless steel. The wraparound steel base defends against dings, slams and scrapes while also creating a larger surface area to conduct heat. The high-grade magnetic steel also delivers superior performance with induction – a first for copper. Thoughtfully designed drip-free rims are reinforced to guard against whisks and spoons. And the non-reactive stainless cooking surface is refreshingly easy to clean and maintain. CopperBond is even broiler-safe to 600º F. No kid gloves required. CopperBond is ready to work. And work hard.

CopperBond Innovation

  • Exceptional Performance
  • Thoughtful Design
  • Stunning Style
  • Induction-Optimized

Exceptional Performance

A pure copper core protected by 5-layer construction gives you the incomparable heat conduction and control of copper reinforced with remarkable durability and cleanability. High-grade non-reactive stainless steel provides a resilient and easy-cleaning cooking surface. And thoughtful design gives CopperBond skillets and saucepans 20% greater cooking surface area compared to traditional cookware. This not only gives your more space to cook, it allows for more even cooking and responds more quickly to temperature adjustments.

Thoughtful Design

Chef-inspired design cues ensure CopperBond not only works hard, it’s easy to work with. The French-style handle provides great leverage for lifting and rests securely in the hand for comfortable control. Our signature finger guard prevents slipping and keeps your hand at a safe distance from cooking heat. Reinforced stainless rims guard against the inevitable whack of the whisk, while their flared design ensures drip-free pouring. Flush rivets prevent food buildup within the cooking surface and also allow for easy nesting storage. The wraparound steel base creates greater contact area with your heat source (including induction) for optimized conduction. And the contour of the sidewalls creates a cooking surface area 20% greater than comparably-sized skillets.

Stunning Style

In addition to its aspirational performance, copper cookware is cherished for its beauty. CopperBond’s two-toned copper and polished steel exterior complements its high performance with high style. And you don’t have to be afraid to actually cook with it. Those stunning good looks will last for years with just a little soapy water.

CopperBond’s fresh and modern aesthetic also serves as a striking complement to our ProBond and NanoBond lines. Thanks to consistent design cues and universal lids, you can mix and match pieces from the Hestan Bonded Series to create a custom cookware collection tailored to your cooking style.


Induction cooking requires iron to create a magnetic reaction. Which means copper cookware was a non-starter for induction cooktops. But CopperBond’s wraparound magnetic stainless steel base is phenomenally-suited for induction. And once that reaction begins, the heat is conducted to the pure copper core for a breakthrough level of induction performance.


The pinnacle of performance.

  1. The conductivity of copper plus the durability of stainless: Meticulous five-layer construction combines a pure copper core with layers of 18/10 stainless steel. The wraparound base protects the softer copper layers while the stainless cooking surface offers easier cleanability.
  2. Superior induction performance: The magnetic steel base is not only induction compatible, it’s wraparound design creates greater coverage for exceptional induction conductivity and control.
  1. Thoughtful design: Reinforced flared rims for easy drip-free pouring; ergonomic handle for comfort and leverage; flushed rivets for greater cleanability.

Versatile & Convenient

Durable non-reactive 18/10 stainless steel interior with innovative flush rivets for easy cleaning and stacking.

Beautiful and modern copper-stainless exterior. Durability of stainless steel surface and reinforced rims.

Broiler safe cookware features flared rims for easy pouring, is oven safe to 600°F and suitable for all stovetops, including induction.

Wrap-around induction base for enhanced strength and durability and optimized for induction efficiency.